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We prioritize customer needs and feedback, striving for continuous improvement in both our company’s technology and the enhancement of products and services as our main focus. Utilizing high-quality graphite raw materials and leveraging our professional team, we provide tailored solutions based on customer requirements to support applications in semiconductor manufacturing and other high-temperature, corrosive environments.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small to medium-sized company, our products and expertise are designed to help you achieve outstanding performance and a competitive edge.

Midas precision CO., LTD.

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With years of accumulated experience in various fields and outstanding technology, we are committed to providing high-quality graphite application equipment for the semiconductor industry to support critical applications in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

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‧Single Crystal Furnaces (VGF, VB, CZ)
‧Graphite Crucibles
‧Insulation Tubes
‧Guide Tubes

Epitaxy fixtures

‧Dummy wafer
‧Baking furnace
‧MOCVD parts

Other graphite fixture

‧PTA Wafer Carriers
‧ICP Wafer Holders
‧E-gun Graphite Crucibles

Other application

‧Customized Applications
‧Heat Sinks, Vacuum Pads
‧Conductive Trays

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, offering customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our team consists of experienced experts capable of providing technical support, maintenance, and after-sales service, ensuring strong support for customers throughout the entire production process.

Whether you are a large semiconductor manufacturer or a small to medium-sized enterprise, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality semiconductor graphite application equipment to help you achieve production goals and enhance competitiveness.
Partnering with us guarantees excellent quality and customer satisfaction, providing assistance to your business.

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Midas precision CO., LTD.

Midas precision CO., LTD.

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