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Heat Sink

Graphite, with excellent thermal conductivity, is used as a heat sink fin. The grooved design increases convection and heat dissipation surface area, significantly improving the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the mechanism.

Vacuum Suction Cup

Graphite, known for its high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, is used as a vacuum suction cup instead of traditional fixtures. Applied in the semiconductor or solar industries, it reduces dust pollution during processes and enhances product yield.

Vacuum Pump Carbon Vanes

Made from high-quality isostatic high-purity graphite, exhibiting outstanding performance. Widely used in the rotor grooves of rotary vane vacuum pumps, where the rotor and carbon vanes are sealed inside the vacuum pump cylinder. The use of vacuum pump oil as a lubricating medium increases the contact area between the carbon vanes and the cylinder, achieving ideal vacuum conditions.

Vacuum Furnace Graphite Connecting Plate

Graphite connecting plates are suitable for high-temperature applications in a vacuum. Due to their physical, chemical, and thermal properties, they can withstand temperatures up to 2300 degrees Celsius. Graphite heating structures provide uniform heating, excellent conductivity, high current capacity, high corrosion and oxidation resistance, high levels of chemical purity, and relatively high mechanical strength.

Graphite Connectors

Commonly used in graphite vacuum furnace components, featuring corrosion resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, high thermal conductivity, and overcoming the disadvantages of metal contamination. The uniform and delicate design prolongs the service life of graphite crucibles, reduces metal contamination, and maintains quality stability.

Graphite Bolts and Nuts

With a low coefficient of thermal expansion and strong corrosion resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions, graphite bolts and nuts exhibit excellent chemical stability. Widely used in metallurgy, heat treatment, casting, machinery, and chemical industries.

Conductive Plate

Primarily used in heating wafer probe equipment, typically featuring a special coating to enhance conductivity. This product boasts high-temperature performance, rapid heating, precise control, high reliability, and easy installation. It meets the heating requirements in semiconductor testing processes, thereby improving testing quality and accuracy.

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