About us

About Us

Midas precision CO., LTD.

Mission Statement Continuous Improvement, Optimization, Technology, Team, Collaboration

In pursuit of realizing our customers’ visions, we uphold the spirit of staying progressive and uncompromising, continually striving for excellence and optimization as our steadfast goal. Our team, with rich experience and professional backgrounds, is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-tech, and high-precision graphite products for the graphite application industry. With a robust technical foundation, we can address the diverse needs of various industries, offering solutions to customers and aiming to assist in their innovation and development, ultimately enhancing their product competitiveness.



黃慶烽 —— 長庚大學 光電所碩士

先發電光 —— 總經理
擔當 GaAs 材料 Epi 營運及策略規劃

光磊科技光電處 —— 研發一部、五部經理
擔當 GaAs, GaN, InP 材料磊晶研發、新產品研發
Epi & Chip (High speed)

鼎承光電 —— 四元磊晶處處長、工程部課長
擔當 四元可見光及紅外線LED Epi

黃O鳴 —— 建國科大機械科

華豐輪胎—— 模具設計及生產經理
CNC 5軸銑床、CNC車床、磨床 放電加工

黃O超 —— 義守大學國貿科

欣悟科技—— 業務經理
擔當石墨零組件加工、MOCVD 石墨parts銷售

Future Goals & Outlook

Our business principles are to stay current, pursue excellence, and create value.

2023/Q3: Implementation of ISO9001
2025: Obtain Entry Zone Permit (Zhongke-Erlin Zone)


  1. Enhance customer satisfaction and establish solid, trustworthy partnerships with customers.
  2. Cultivate a fair and friendly workplace environment, respecting employees’ autonomy and creativity.
  3. Pursue continuous business growth, constant refinement, with sustainable operation as the ultimate goal.
  4. Harmonize with nature in all corporate activities and contribute to the protection of the Earth.

ISO Certification Information & Certificate

In November 2023, our company successfully passed the third-party certification audit and obtained the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. We strictly adhere to the process quality management set by ISO9001:2015 to ensure the production of stable and customer-demand-compliant products.

Production Process Quality Management:

  1. Incoming raw material inspection: Confirmation of COA for incoming materials, size and weight checks, and outsourcing of material analysis to ensure the quality and source of materials.
  2. Daily inspection of production equipment: Daily calibration and replacement of components to ensure the accuracy of finished product output.
  3. Weekly inspection of measuring equipment: Weekly calibration using standard blocks to ensure the accuracy of finished product measurements.
  4. Finished product inspection: Visual inspection, specification testing (depth, height, profile, dimensions, weight), functional testing (levelness, rotation speed), special tests (product feature improvements), and outsourcing material analysis (environmental and processing impacts).
  5. In-line inspection during production and random quality sampling.