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Product description –  Other graphite fixture

Graphite Components

RTA Chip Carrier

Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) involves rapidly heating a material to a target temperature, maintaining different annealing times based on the material, and then rapidly cooling it. The purpose is to improve the material’s microstructure and control its composition or organization. In the semiconductor industry, annealing is used to restore the single crystal structure of crystals and activate dopant substances by heating.

ICP Chip Holder

ICP etching is a process that uses plasma for thin-film etching. The graphite carrier has characteristics such as high-temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal conductivity, good temperature uniformity, and resistance to plasma bombardment. It is widely used in the semiconductor and LED industries for ICP etching processes, PSS etching processes, and RTA rapid heating treatments.

E-gun Graphite Crucible

E-gun electron gun metal vapor deposition uses an electron beam to heat the target material, which needs to be placed in a high-temperature-resistant graphite crucible. The principle involves using high voltage to generate electrons in a tungsten wire coil. The electrons are then rotated 180 or 270 degrees by a biasing magnet, striking the target material. In high vacuum conditions, where the melting point and boiling point of the target material are close, the high-energy electrons can easily melt and evaporate the target material. The vaporized material then deposits on the substrate to be coated.

PECVD Crystal Boat

Graphite, with its excellent conductivity and thermal properties, serves as a carrier for chips during the film deposition process in the form of a crystal boat. It is composed of many spaced and fixed boat pieces. Applying alternating voltage between adjacent boat pieces can create positive and negative electrodes. During the reaction, gas between the positive and negative electrodes undergoes dissociation, creating a glow effect. This forms a dense protective layer on the surface of the chip. In semiconductor processes, this layer can be used as a barrier or protective layer.

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